Walking and Falling, Or: How to Be a Unicorn

Women and woman-identifying artists, audiophiles, or just people who like buttons and knobs should fill Rozz-Tox on Saturday, January 26 when the women of Walking and Falling drive in from Chicago to lead a workshop in disc artistry. If you want to be a proper disc jockey – be it at a club, a wedding, or in your living room – this is where you start.

The attitude of this workshop is in the name: Walking and Falling. The only way to learn to walk is to fall. So expect a low-pressure environment. There will be music available for you to learn with, and you can also bring your own vinyl or digital collection (just run your mp3s through RekordBox first). Make your playlist on the fly or carefully curate it beforehand. The choice is yours. There is no wrong. Pro DJs Leesh, Sassmouth, and Kiddo (in addition to several knowledgeable locals) will be at hand to help you troubleshoot.

The workshop is from 2 to 5 p.m. Then at 8 p.m., participants are welcome to spin at the celebratory dance party that goes until 3 a.m. Yes. Rozz-Tox actually submitted a request to the City of Rock Island to remain open until 3 a.m. just so we all can have another two hours to play like we’re in a disco.

Come try something new and fortify the ranks of women in the entertainment industry. Seriously, think: when was the last time you saw a woman DJ? It’s rare, right? Kind of like a unicorn, right? YOU COULD BE JUST LIKE A UNICORN.

See you there.
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